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Music Speaker|Telecom Speaker|Gaming Speaker|Bluetooth Speaker|Loud Speaker|Mylar Speaker

  CHIAPING Our Ability


 CHIAPING provide outstanding products,  and all the assistance in business-  development and technical support

  CHIAPING Advantages


 CHIAPING is able to modify out speakers  to  meet your requirements, such as SPL,  FRC...,and RoHS compliant.


  CHIAPING Service


 CHIAPING can provide a variety of  customized solutions to meet customer's  demand, from the professional Hi-Fi  headphone speaker to the general consumer  earphone speakers.

ChiaPing Enterprise Co., Ltd
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Products:Music Speaker|Telecom Speaker|Gaming Speaker|Bluetooth Speaker|Loud Speaker|Mylar Speaker
CE-058NTG 14Ω (5.8*4.3mm)

Earphone Speaker-CE-058NTG 14Ω (5.8mm)

Earphone / Headphone Speaker » PET Diaphragm
CE-057NWG-1 16Ω (5.7*4.2mm)

Earphone Speaker-CE-057NWG-1 16Ω (5.7mm)

Earphone / Headphone Speaker » Bio-Cell Complex Diaphragm
CEHR-057NWG 16Ω (5.7*4.2mm)

Earphone Speaker-CEHR-057NWG 16Ω (5.7mm)

Earphone / Headphone Speaker » Hi-Res Speaker
CE-23NG-1 100Ω (23*6.9mm)

Telecom Speaker-CE-23NG-1 100Ω (23mm)

Telecom Speaker » Telecom Speaker
CE-T23N 8Ω (23*5.5mm)

Telecom Speaker-CE-T23N 8Ω (23mm)

Loud Speaker » Loud Speaker
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